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Rob became active in the affairs of the CCSD when he saw how poorly they handled bullying across the district. Rob has provided data that shows that CCSD under reports bullying data and intentionally misclassifies bullying incidents. There is no doubt that the CCSD has done a great job of helping those students at the top, but after hearing from countless parents about how their kids were bullied, suffered racially charged language, and were forced to fight the school district to have their kids provided basic needs, Rob knew he could not sit on the sidelines and hope for the best.

Rob’s primary goals are the following:
  1. Perform a county-wide assessment as to how bullying is handled and classified to ensure compliance with the law.
  2. Change the culture in the school district by implementing policies and procedures that ensure that the clients (students and parents) are at the top and that the teachers are put at the interface between the CCSD and the clients. Teachers right now have so many directives coming at them from so many directions that their ability to plan and teach, the most vital and important aspects of their job, are hampered. The CCSD works for the teachers, not the other way around.
  3. Recommend and fight for the formation of a new position, a Chief Equity Officer. The CCSD is a community of diverse cultures, races, incomes, and the like. It is important that we view success not only through the eyes of the most successful, but also, through the eyes of those that need help.
  4. Review legal billing records, especially legal fees not covered under the monthly retainer, and provide that information to the public in a clear and easy to read manner so that the taxpayers can see how much money the CCSD spends on legal fees.
  5. Institutionalize a culture of working with parents rather than fighting them. There are stories upon stories of parents with special needs kids that have had to fight and fight with the CCSD, at their own great expense, just to get treatment that other school districts provide without fighting.
  6. Be bold and be a county that respects the Constitutional rights of the children.  So many times in the name of ease of investigation, children are questioned without their parents/guardian present or an attorney.  Unfortunately, that child, under the pressure of an interrogation, may say things that hurt them academically and criminally but are not true.  These children grow up thinking that their Constitutional rights mean nothing because they spend 12 years learning just that.  We cannot teach them responsibility if we don't teach them that we respect the rule of law.  Responsibility and Respect for Rights are two sides of the same coin.  You cannot expect one without the other.
  7. Set forth specific guidelines that are county-wide with regard to specific conditions in which the help of a CCSD police officer can be called on by a school's administration.  The proliferation of criminal penalties using the CCSD police for what used to be administrative penalties needs to stop.  The CCSD police know that they will only be called in limited situations (such as imminent school/child  danger and probably cause of a drug violation) and not for minor infractions.  We fail our children by starting their adult lives out with a criminal record when we could have tried to give them an opportunity to learn from their infraction and enter their adult life free of a criminal record.
  8. Have the school nurses report directly to a central office rather than the administrations of the particular schools.  When it comes to the safety of the children, the process for handling and reporting emergencies should be uniform and not subjected to any directives or subjective opinions by school administrators.  The nurse is the only staff member medically trained and certified to handle medical issues, and his or her decision with regard to their patient should not be affected or interfered with in any manner by any third party.

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